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Frontier 5: Macintosh
Welcome to Frontier 5.0.1 for Macintosh!

The Frontier folder contains several items:

  • UserLand Frontier

    This is the Frontier application. Just double-click to run it.

  • Frontier.root

    This is Frontier's object database. When Frontier launches, the Frontier.root will be opened automatically. It's best to keep the Frontier.root in the same folder as the Frontier application.

  • Website Tutorial

    This website gets you up-and-running with Frontier website management. It's a hands-on tutorial which includes an index at the back so you can use it for later reference. Start with the page called "default.html" -- or jump right to it.

  • Extras

    A system extension called the IdleTime Init is included in this folder. Read more about it.

  • UserLand Utilities

    This folder contains four utility programs for Macintosh scripters.

    1. NetEvents is a scriptable tcp program, and is required to do tcp scripting with Frontier.

    2. MacBird is an editor for creating graphical interfaces for your Frontier scripts.

    3. uBase is a scriptable, fast, flat file database.

    4. BarChart is a scriptable bar chart generator.

Where to go from here

The Frontier 5 home page is the gateway to more Frontier documentation and resources.

It's recommended that you join one of the Frontier mailing lists. See UserLand's Lists website to choose one that's right for you.

Let's Have Fun!

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