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FontLister v1.0.4

Created by Scott Dunbar.
Copyright © 1997-1998, BuggySoft(TM).

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You can use FontLister to create a SimpleText file which lists all of the Fonts currently installed in your system. Each font in the list will be displayed in its 'own' font. If you wish, you can then print out the list (using SimpleText) and use it as a referance. I find this quite useful since I've got well over 300 fonts install and it's pure hell trying to find just the right font sometimes.

I've only tested this on my current Macintosh. I can't say how well it will work with strange setups (ie. Itallian MacOS running Suitcase with 10 billion fonts installed on the startup disk and 3,000 fonts stored on a second disk)... but it's works fine with ATM. I know very little about Apple LaserWriters and their storing of Fonts so don't expect this to work correctly with them (though it might... I really don't know). Lemme just put it this way, whatever fonts are listed in the Font menu will be recognized.

You may use FontLister and distribute it on your magazine's CD-ROM if you've got one. Just please email me so that I know about it. FontLister is freeware. It is not shareware or public domain. If you would like to take a look at the source code (which is rather simplistic) then email me and maybe I'll send you a copy.

And most importantly; this current version of FontLister is PowerPC only. I'm just too lazy right now to whip up a 68k version. Sorry! :)

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