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This is release 3.0.1 of Excalibur, November 11, 1999

Excalibur is a freeware spelling checker for the Macintosh that is
also LaTeX aware.

Features include:

- Excalibur will offer suggestions for how to correct a word.

- Excalibur can spell check the clipboard. This makes it a good
spelling checker for any text based application such as Alpha or

- Excalibur also works with Eudora, BBEdit, MT NewsWatcher,
ClarisWorks, WordPerfect, and any other program that supports Word

- You can teach it about new LaTeX commands and environments that you

- You can create your own dictionaries.

- Works on any plain TEXT file. (type TEXT)

- Works on formatted files via Word Services.

- You will need System 7.1 or higher, a Power Macintosh, and the
Appearance Manager to run Excalibur.

Version 2.6 of Excalibur is still available too. It will run on
System 6.0.5 or greater, and it will run on any Macintosh since the
Mac Plus.

- There is balloon help.

- The "Standard Dictionary" (American English) distributed with
Excalibur has over 161,000 words.

- Dictionaries for atomic elements, British English, Catalan, Danish,
Dutch (both old and new spellings), French, German, HTML, Italian,
life sciences, Manx Gaelic, medical terms, Norwegian, Portuguese,
Spanish, and Swedish. You can get these from

- If you're not a LaTeX user, you can get a copy of the manual in
PostScript, HTML or Acrobat Reader (PDF) format from

There is also an on-line HTML version of the manual. Point your
browser to


You can also get to the on-line version of the manual through
Excalibur's Help menu.

- If you want to receive mail notifying you when the next version of
Excalibur will be available, let me know. I will add you to my
mailing list. Send mail to <> and please
include a valid e-mail address.

You can also learn about current Excalibur versions by visiting the
Excalibur home page:


Bugs fixed in version 3.0.1:

- Fixed a warning message about Appearance not being installed

- Fixed a URL parsing bug.

- Fixed a bug that caused possible data corruption if you saved while
making corrections.

- Fixed problem with the About Box not appearing properly on some

- Did some performance tuning.

Rick Zaccone

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