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Donation Manager 3.0

Donation Manager has a fairly straight forward interface, although if there are any problems, contact me at
Some features are not very obvious, such as the Auto-Write letter templates (File>Properties>Letter Templates) and the ability to turn off the Toolbar (View>Toolbar)

More on LiveUpdate

LiveUpdate allows your copy of Donation Manager to be updated over the internet. For this to work you must every-so-often use the "LiveUpdate" button found in the Preferences window. If an update is found, your web browser will be launched and the DM Update page will come up. The update will be automatically downloaded. When the download is complete, switch again to your opened copy of Donation Manager. It will ask you to locate the newly downloaded Donation Manager.
When this process is over, there will be a folder named "Donation Manager (old) alongside the new version of Donation Manager. Launching the greyed out application icon in this folder will finish the updating process. (although this last process is not needed)

System Requirements
*Any Macintosh
*Mac OS 7.0+
*Internet connection (for LiveUpdate function)
*AppleScript, MSWord 98* (for Auto-Write)

Changes since 2.0
*Will now save after every five changes to the database
*Compiling of addresses has been sped up
*Searching has been sped up
*Volunteer list
*Auto-Write Letters
*Sound Effects
*Toolbar can now be turned off

*Future versions should work with ClarisWorks and NisusWriter

©1999 Chris Luckhart

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