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CheckBook 2.0

Keeps a list of bank account transactions in a list. Dynamically computes the current balance. Sorts by anything just like the Macintosh Finder. Allows classification of transaction types. Stores date, amount, your ref, my ref, type and comments with each transaction. Free, fully functional. Basic AppleScript-ability.

Standard Mac user interface with online help via the about box. Loads of simple key commands. Adjustable display font size, re-sizeable columns. Exports to tab delimited text and prints nice reports. Import from tab delimited text file. Generates a summary report with the amount of money totaled by transaction type. The document remembers window position, page setup, font size, and column widths. Simple find feature for searching the list. FreeWare.

This application is designed to help you keep track of the balance of bank accounts.

While a spreadsheet or database can do this, it seems like overkill for the simple task of recording and adding a series of transactions.

Transactions are added by choosing "New Transaction" from the Edit menu (command-N). Fill in the dialog with the amount, type, date, and any comments about the transaction. Press save to add it to the list.

The first transaction you add should be the opening balance of the account.

At the top of the document window is a running total that reflects the balance in the account. Don't forget bank, government charges and interest.

Transactions can be deleted by clicking once and choosing "Clear" from the edit menu. Double-click on a transaction to edit it. Note that only the first of a group of multiple selected lines will be cleared in this way.

The page up, page down, home, end and arrow keys all navigate through the list pretty much as you might guess. Pressing the 'Return' key will open the currently selected transaction for editing.

The document saves the print page setup info and the window position and size (it will be forced on-screen though). The currently selected transaction will come up selected and scrolled into view as well.

The full list of transactions can be exported to a tab-delimited text file for import into a spreadsheet or database program if you like. (I think it's important for all programs to support some form of data exchange).

The width of the list is set according to the width of a page with the current printer. To get more width, choose "Page Setup" and scale it down to, say, 70%. If you don't have a printer chosen on your Macintosh, the program won't start up. When printed a footer shows the short date and the page number.

The list of transactions can be sorted by Date, Amount, or Type simply by choosing from the sort menu.


Amount field: For dollars & cents (or whatever they are called in your country).
Date: Uses the short date format in your date & time control panel.
Type: A text field with a popup that shows the types you have used before.
My Ref: Reference value such as cheque number.
Their Ref: Their reference number such as invoice number.
Comments: Any comments you like about the transaction.
Bank Reconciled: Checkbox to turn on if the transaction was on a bank statement.


"CheckBook" was written in C++ with MacApp 3.1.3 (from ETO 17) and the MetroWerks CodeWarrior CW6. The 68k version is compressed with VISE Compression Technology.

The date format used is the short date format as set in your "Date & Time" control panel.


There is a limit of 32,000 transactions in any one file. It will probably get a bit slow before that point so it would be worth starting a new file for each account perhaps each year. The transactions are stored in memory while being displayed.


The program will fail to open the main window with a mystifying error message if no printer has been chosen on the machine you are running. If something like this happens, select Chooser from the Apple menu and choose a printer.

AppleScript support

CheckBook: A custom suite for working with the CheckBook account manager.

New Transaction: Creates a new, empty transaction in the database.
New Transaction
Amount integer -- The amount of the transaction in cents.
Date string -- Date of the transaction
My Reference string -- My reference number.
Their reference string -- Their reference number.
Type string -- Transaction type code.
Comments string -- Comments about the transaction

Get Balance: Get the current balance of the account in cents.
Get Balance
Result: integer -- The balance of the check account in cents.

Sort by: Sort the transaction list by the given field.
Sort by string -- Sort by Date | Type | Ammount | MyRef | TheirRef | Comment

ShareWare etc:

You are free to distribute and use this application. No warranty is implied. If you have comments about its operation or additional features that might be nice (not too much) I'd really like to get mail from you. On the internet:

Version History

1.0 Limited distribution to some testers. Thanks!
1.2 Posted to comp.binaries.mac
1.2.1 Removed build dependency on Colour Quickdraw.
1.3 Added My & Your ref fields & Bank reconcile.
1.4 Renamed from "Account Manager". Improved the export format.
1.5 Fixed cancel edit transaction change polarity bug. Added big small function.
1.5.1 Improved display of cents only transaction ammounts.
1.5.2 Header & footer in printout. Single amount field.
-Transaction type popup now defaults to the last value properly.
1.6 Dynamic type popup that "learns". Summary report feature. Better display.
1.7 Finder(TM) "style" sorting by clicking the headings. List stays sorted.
1.8 Not released.
1.9 Added the display of "reconciled" total. Added basic AppleScript support.
1.9.2 Fixed rounding error. Made columns re-sizeable!
1.9.2+ Put back the export menu item, sent to those who asked.
1.9.3 Fix export of amounts less than 1.00
1.9.4 Only include transactions dated up to and including today in the totals.
1.9.5 Make find non case sensitive.
-New transaction now takes a series of entries.
-Show 'vers' 1 in splash and about box.
-Made the about box a more reasonable size.
-Fixed 1.5 bug, now maps to 1.50 instead of 1.05
-Fixed DateToString bug.
-Imports from text file with preview.
-Added Claris mountains icons to horiz scroll bar.
-Put my picture in the Option-About
-Added balloon help to Save and new button.
2.0 Added loads of missing balloon help to all the menu items.
-Made it a 68k/PPC "Fat" application.
-Put a string in the splash screen to show 68k or PPC is executing.
-Slowed down the splash screen as too fast on PPC!


Thanks to,, Carsten Klapp, George Bray, Ron Ott,,, (Ayse Sercan),, "Mitch Silverman (NC)" <>, Howard.A.Rumjahn@Dartmouth.EDU (Howard A. Rumjahn), and others for their valuable feedback.

Peter Marks
Access Informatics Pty Ltd
Sydney, Australia

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