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Calculate Size CMM Plug-in

Copyright ©1998 by Hide Itoh <>. All Rights Reserved.


First of all, thanks for downloading and trying Calculate Size CMM Plug-in.

Calculate Size CMM Plug-in is the MacOS 8 Contextual Menu Plug-in that makes it easy to calculate the total size of the selected items (files and/or folders).

It has been difficult to calculate the total size of the multiple folders and files without using special utility program. Now, with Calculate Size CMM Plug-in, it's just a simple Control+Click from the Finder.


* It can calculate the total size of selected folders and files.
* It can include invisible files (such as folder's custom icon) for the calculation. You can get more precise size than Finder's "Get Info" dialog.
* It can display the progress information while calculating.
* You can cancel the operation any time during the calculation.
* By setting the progress information display mode to OFF, it can performe high speed calculation.


You must be using MacOS 8 or later. This Contexual Menu Plug-in works only with PowerPC Macintosh computers. So please make sure that you have the right computer. To install the plug-in, simply drag it to the System Folder icon. The Finder will place it in the Contextual Menu Items subfolder. Next time you reboot, it will be loaded.

In addition to this, you need to have the following two files in the Extensions folder of the System folder:
Contextual Menu Extension
SOMobjects(TM) for Mac OS

To remove a plug-in, just drag it out of the Contextual Menu Items folder. Next time you reboot, it will not be loaded.

Using the plug-in

To use the Calculate Size CMM Plug-in, select files/folders under the Finder and control-click on the selected items. The contextual menu is displayed and among the items there is a item titled Calculate Size... All you need to do is just select this menu item.
The following dialog appears on the screen and show the calculation result.

Here's the brief explanation of each items displayed on the dialog.

Total Size:
This is the total logical size of all the selected items.
Disk Size:
This is the total block size that selected items occupies in the current volume. This is the size of the space you will gain if you delete all the selected items.
This is the number of files in the selected items
This is the number of folders in the selected items. Unlike the Finder, this number includes the selected folder itself. For example, if you select a folder with 2 sub-folders, this number would be 3. In other words, the sum of the files and the foldes displayed in this dialog is equal to the number of items + 1 in the Finder's Get Info dialog if you select just one folder and calculate the total size.

To Cancel the operation in the middle

If you select volumes or folder with a lot of files and sub-folders, the calculation may take for a while. If you change your mind or if you have confirmed that the total size go beyond the size you have expected, you might want to cancel the operation in the middle. During the calculation, you see the Cancel button at the place of OK button. You can cancel the operation anytime by clicking on the Cancel button, or by pressing the ESC key or Command+Period key.
If you cancel the operation in the middle, Calculate Size CMM Plug-in displays the accumulated size at the moment of the cancelation.

To increase the calculation speed

You can increase the calculation speed by setting the progress information display mode to OFF.
Please refer to the next paragraph for how to change the setting.

Setting Preferences

You can access the Preference dialog by selecting the Calcutate Size... contextual menu while pressing the Shift-key.

Progress informaton display mode

The default setting of the progress information display mode is ON. This makes the total performance slow but it's more uder friendly. If you need to calculate volumes or huge folders, set this mode to OFF. If this mode is OFF, there's no progress display but "Calcutating..." message.
You can still cancel the operation by clicking the Cancel button or pressing the proper key.

Handling of invisible files

As you may know, the custom folder icons are kept as a invisible file in corresponding folders. Of course, it's has some size. But Finder's Get Info dialog does not include invisible files for the calculation. Like Finder's Get Info dialog, the default setting of the Calculate Size CMM Plug-in is to exclude invisible files. However, by marking this checkbox, you can include invisible files for the calculation. With this option, you can get more precise total size than Finder's Get Info dialog.

Version-up History

1.0 May 24, 1998
* First public release.

Copyright and freeware distribution

Calculate Size CMM Plug-in is mailware and is copyright ©1998 by Hide Itoh <> . If you like it and decide to keep it, please e-mail your comments to the author. Hide Itoh asserts the right to be identified as author and has provided this software as a freeware. You can distribute it free via electronic bulletin boards, user groups, and person to person. When distributed, all accompanying files (the Read Me document, the program, etc.) are to distributed with the software without exception. The software is not to be included with any commercial software or any public domain/shareware package sold for profit without prior written consent from the author.

There's no technical support available for this software. However, your comments and bug reports are always welcome. Please send your e-mail to Hide Itoh <>.


While the author of this software has made every effort to deliver a high quality product, The author does not guarantee that this product is free from defects. The author is not responsible for any damage to the purchaser's computer system or data and in no event will I be responsible to the purchaser for any consequential, incidental, or indirect damages (including but not limited to damages for loss of business profits, business interruption, or loss of data) arising out of the use or inability to use this product, even if I have been advised of the possibility of such damages. Because some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages, the above limitations may not apply to you. The use of this software includes the complete agreement of this disclaimer.

Special Thanks to:
Trygve Isaacson for the great and easy-to-use frameworks for the CMM plug-in development.

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