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Biblioteca v. 1.0

released on March 1996
Agustín Cortés

Welcome to Biblioteca v. 1.0.
This is the English version of Biblioteca. Despite its bizarre, unusual interface, Biblioteca is a powerful easy-to-use database, which provides every feature to help you manage your library. Click on the "?" button to toggle balloons help on and move the mouse onto anything you want to get info about.

System requirements:
-Any colour Mac o PowerMac (thousands of colours recommended), although a 4 grey-scaled monitor should do.
-System 7.x.
-At least 2 Mg of free RAM (2.5 Mg recommended).

This software comes with no warranty, use it at your own risk.

Biblioteca was created with HyperCard 2.2 on a LCIII with thousands of colours and 8 Mg of RAM, and tested on a Performa 6300, PowerPC 603e, 12 Mg. of RAM and thousands of colours.

Biblioteca is freeware, but I'd like to hear from you. E-mail me or send me a postcard with your comments and suggestions (any bug?):

Agustín Cortés
Via Luigi Magrini 9
00146 Rome (Italy)



Please, help me improve my English:
English is not my mother tongue and I've probably done many mistakes in Biblioteca, so if you find any please let me know. I'll try to correct them in future versions. Gracias!

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