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BBTidy 1.0b1 (30 Nov 99) Release Notes - 04 Dec 99

Welcome to BBTidy!


All of the packages in the BBTidy distribution are property of Terry Teague in accordance with the enclosed TopSoft License. Your use of BBTidy and its source code constitutes acceptence of the terms and conditions detailed therein. Terry Teague will not be responsible for any damages resulting from the use of any of its products. All products are released "as-is" without any warranty, and the user agrees to use the products at his own risk.

This release of BBTidy, 1.0b1, is a beta copy. Features are still being integrated. The official distribution site for BBTidy is :



BBTidy is a BBEdit (and BBEdit Lite) plugin designed to check and correct HTML and XML source. It is based on the freely available "tidy" program by Dave Raggett (<>).

For more information on "tidy", browse the enclosed HTML file "overview.html" or visit the author's web site at <>

The BBEdit version has Balloon Help in the configuration dialog.

Report any bugs to <>

Package Contents

BBTidy Release Notes - these release notes.

BBTidy_ReadMe_First.html - documentation in HTML format.
Images - folder containing images for documentation.

BBTidy 68K - 68K non-Debug version of plugin.
BBTidy - FAT non-Debug version of plugin.
*BBTidy 68K - 68K Debug version of plugin.
*BBTidy - FAT Debug version of plugin.

Overview.html <cr> - the "Overview.html" file with <cr> line endings (see below).
Overview.fixed - a corrected "Overview.html" file created by the BBTidy plugin.
Overview.errs - the error report created by the BBTidy plugin.

config.txt - sample "tidy" configuration file.

Important Usage Note

BBTidy works best when the input source files have carriage returns (<cr>) as their line endings (Mac OS standard). Many HTML source files are created on non-Mac platforms, and typically use linefeeds (<lf>) as their line endings. Use the "LF Translation" option of BBEdit when opening files, if necessary.

The BBTidy plugin can use a lot of memory, and can fail in unexpected ways in low memory situations. It is recommended that you increase the memory requirements of the BBEdit application using the Get Info option in Finder. I Use 8192 K.

This release of BBTidy does not run on 68000 based machines (e.g. Macintosh 128, Macintosh 512Ke, Macintosh Plus, Macintosh SE, Macintosh Portable, Macintosh Classic, PowerBook 100). And it has only been tested on Power Macintosh configurations running BBEdit Lite v4.1 and BBEdit v5.1.1 - while appropriate checking is done for features (such as Undo not being available for BBEdit Lite), very little error reporting to the user is currently done for unexpected situations.

Selecting the Config file... option in the configuration dialog does not immediately apply the settings stored in the Config file to that of the current configuration dialog. In other words, Config files are used to override the current settings only after the "Use Now" button is clicked. A future version of the plugin may improve this situation.

Change History

04 Dec 99: v1.0b1

First public release. Updated to latest "tidy" source of 30 Nov 99. Created some real documentation on how to use BBTidy.

28 Nov 99: v1.0b1 (not released)

Updated to latest "tidy" source of 24 Nov 99. Added About Box.

28 Oct 99: v1.0d1

Initial version. It is based on the latest "tidy" source as of 22 Oct 99.

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