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Hello, hello! Enclosed you will find an easy-to-use database of Area Codes for the U.S. and Canada. You can quickly search for a specific area code, or state, or time zone, and you can even print the whole list if you like. You need to have FileMaker Pro installed to use this database (if you don't have FileMaker, you can visit my home page and download the standalone application, which is the same file, but it will run without FileMaker).

This database is Freeware. It won't cost you a penny. It did cost me some time and energy, so if you are feeling generous, you can mail me a check for whatever you think it's worth to you - but this is not required. I just hope you find it useful.

If you have any comments or complaints (yes, I will listen to those too), you can email me at this address:

My home page is right here:


Tim Woodruff

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