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A must for those interested in astrology. Read me file. Screenshot. Homepage.
Kairon 2.1.9 AAF (1.1 MB)
KeyStrokes 1.2
Written specifically for those of us who are not (or no longer) able to use a normal keyboard. Provides a fully functional on-screen keyboard that you can use to type with the mouse anywhere you would use a normal (hardware) keyboard (applications, dialog boxes, etc.). It also allows you to shift/option/command/control click (PPC and 68k).  Read me file. Go to the homepage for more information. Registration required (free, of course)
KeyStrokes 1.2 (206 K)
It is not intended to be a professional IDE, but it might be useful for visually debugging C programs and for creating algorithm animations in a declarative style. Leonardo is NOT able to generate native PowerPC/68K code, so you cannot use it for creating Macintosh stand-alone applications.  Read me file (PPC only). Visit this site for more information
Leonardo 3.4.1 (1.1 MB)
MacDICT is a DICT client. The DICT protocol let's you access a number of databases available online. Read me file. Screenshots of preferences available, look up (define) window, online dictionaries connected to, and results window. Homepage.
MacDICT 1.4 (682 KB)
Using this client, you can check up the meaning of words using the database available on the internet. Internet connection required. Screenshot. Homepage.
MacDictionary 1.0 (438 KB)
A general purpose graphing scientific calculator. It uses a text window rather than simulating buttons on a hand held calculator. This live scratchpad interface allows you to see and edit your entire calculation. Read me file (PPC and 68k). Screenshot. Homepage.
MathPad 2.5 (799 KB)
A free dynamic graphing and mathematical modeling tool designed for algebra, trigonometry and precalculus students. It calculates and graphs elementary functions, i.e. ones formed from polynomial, rational, algebraic, trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic functions. (68k version available, 430 KB). Homepage
Mathscribe 1.1 PPC (430 KB)
Maze Book
Make your own maze. Read me file. Homepage.
Maze Book 2.0.1 (lite) (764 KB)
A Macintosh hypermedia authoring tool that allows network collaboration, permits users to develop their own multimedia lessons by assembling a variety of text materials, sound files, digitized photos, or QuickTime movies. Read me file. Screenshot.
MediaLink 2.1 (1.2 MB)
MetaAnalysis Calculator
This is a SuperCard standalone project for collecting and converting individual study statistics into a common effect size and then accumulating those effect sizes in a meta-analysis. The project converts t, One and Two way ANOVA F statistics, correlations, Chi Squares with one degree of freedom, one tailed probability values, means and standard deviations, and Cohen's d to either r or d. It calculates a sample weighted mean effect size and variance, then corrects them for sampling and measurement error and for range restriction (FAT, both PPC and 68k). Screenshot of main window. Homepage
MetaAnalysis Calculator (1.1 MB)
MI Convert
A lite version of a shareware that converts between metric and imperial units. Read me file. Spanish version is also available. Screenshot. Homepage.
MI Convert 1.0.4 (702 KB)
More 3.1
A capable PowerPoint like presentation software that uses outlining, and runs on less than 2 MB RAM!
Go to to download More
A comprehensive development tools for C, C++ programming. Includes a compiler. Read me file. Go to the ftp server to look at your options (eg. segmented for easier dowloading etc.)
MPW (19 MB)
An multiprocessing algebra data tool. Avanced Calculus, Polynomial etc (freeware for students and educators only). Also go to the homepage to obtain your free license.
MuPAD 1.4
NetBeans Developer
A fully integrated development environment for JAVA language now free (for both commercial and non-commercial use). Look at the screenshot. Registration is required. Installation for Macs, please look at this page.
NetBeans Developer 2.1.2 (6 MB)
A freeware program that acts as a client for the RFC2229 Internet dictionary (DICT) protocol. For Net DICTionary to work, you must have an active Internet connection. You use Net DICTionary to send queries to DICT servers. Using Net DICTionary, you can request the definition of a word in a single dictionary or multiple dictionaries, or you can find out if a word or partial word can be matched in a single or multiple dictionaries. Read me file. Screenshot. Homepage.
NetDict PPC (433 KB), 68k
Periodic Table
A useful stack showing the periodic table (chemistry) and details of each element. Except for elements with atomic number 104 and 105 (which was still unnamed in this stack), the rest of the information are still useful. Read me file. Screenshot main periodic table, and detailed information available.
Periodic Table 2.0 (88 KB)
The main usage of PICTshow is the display of picture or slideshows. It can also be used to make archives or creates overviews of images. You can set the way images change (fade or slide etc), and when images change (time, or mouse click etc). Read me file (PPC and 68k). A shareware that is now released as freeware (check the homepage for more information). Screenshot. Homepage.
PICTshow 3.0 FAT (254 KB)
Modules for advanced statistical analyses. Go to the homepage for more information. Version 4 is now in its preview release.
A software tool for developing univariate mathematical models. These models may be either equations or distributions. As an added bonus, the software will generate files of random variates from a large selection of distributions. Visit the homepage for more information
Regress+ 2.3 (1.7 MB)
Retriever Light
A powerful flat file database desk accessory (adware). Read me file (still works on MacOS8.1, later OSes uncertain). Screenshot.
Retriever Light (66 KB)
Sapphire V6 Single User Complete Freeware
A complete Financial Management System (complete accounting system) including accounts, payroll and assets. Visit this page for more detailed information, and also to submit your email (to receive details to download area).
Register in this page
Simple Translator
A client that utilizes the translation service in Altavista to translate between English, French, German, Italy, Portugese, and Spanish. Internet connection required. Screenshot. Homepage
Simple Translator 1.0 (457 KB)
Smile is both an AppleScript editor for beginners and an integrated environment for advanced AppleScript users. AppleScript beginners will immediately find Smile an easy, comfortable and intuitive editor to make their first scripts. Smile fills Apple's Script Editor's main gaps ('Search' / 'Replace', 32k limit, 'Find definition', drag-and-drop), is faster (Smile is PPC native), has built-in 'Script' and 'Windows' menus, a 'Handlers' menu in the script windows, and implements the most recent Apple technologies (Appearance, Navigation) Read me file (PPC only). Screenshot. Visit homepage or for latest updates.
Smile 1.6.8 (928 KB)
A spell checker that can be used for different applications, also includes text cleanup tools, rubber stamping facility, and etc. Homepage
Download (1.7 MB)
Teach! Lite
A freeware that every educator cannot do without. Create multimedia projects, with narration, sound, pictures etc. Contains PowerLine also. Registration required, go here to register. If you wish to choose different packages, visit this page. For those who already have Teach! Lite, you might want to download PowerLine (0.9 MB), an addition allowing a user to make (human narrated) presentations. The number of page layouts has doubled and now comprises animated bar and pie diagrams and graphs. A multimedia guide showing how to create a Powerline presentation is included. To learn more about PowerLine, go here.  Read me file (PPC and 68k)
Download (12 MB)
Digital gradebook; theGRADER stores student information and comments, tracks assignments, calculates percentages and assigns letter grades for an entire class throughout a course. theGRADER was designed for educators by educators; it is made to be simple, powerful and clean. Read me file (emailware). Screenshots of main window and marking schemes available.
theGRADER 2.0.3 PPC (1 MB), 68k (948 KB)
A multimedia presentation application that is designed for flexible, interactive control of presentations, and a short learning curve. Learning how to use the application takes only minutes, even for the novice. Registration required. Read me file (PPC only). Screenshot of script editor. Go to the homepage for pdf manual and latest updates.
UPresent 2.1.6 (750 KB)
A polished and formidable statistics package, Visual Statistics System with a consistent graphic user interface. Screenshots of main window, results window, and graphing window. Homepage.
ViSta 5.6 (2.3 MB)
Vocabulary Master
Now offered as a free download (for a limited time only). They have Vocabulary Masters for most of the major languages in the world (French, Spanish, Portugese, German etc) and the not so alive language (Latin). Main use will be to test your vocabulary. Registration required. Screenshot. Homepage.
Vocabulary Master

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