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A popular and useful way to download files from Napster's music-sharing network. Homepage. For MacOS X.
belgoNap.pkg.tgz (134 KB) (126 KB)
BrickHouse is designed to make using the network firewall built in to Mac OS X quick and easy. BrickHouse provides a simple and easy interface to setting and activating your firewall's filters. It also includes a firewall monitor window to allow you to see how often each filter is used. Filter settings can be saved and switched quickly, and imported and exported to and from disk. Settings can be created by knowledgeable users and admins, and distributed to others to disable specific or recently discovered attack techniques. BrickHouse includes several pre-loaded sets of firewall settings for several situations, including a typical, secure setting for the average home user , one that allows access to the web and ftp servers, and one that allows all access from computers on a home ethernet network and no incoming access via the PPP /Internet connection. Homepage.
BrickHouse (1.4 MB)
A true budget program that helps you setup and live by your budget. You may write checks, make deposits, enter pays and balance your checkbook. See at a glance how much money you have in over 150 budget accounts and 25 investment accounts.Read me file (PPC and 68k). Screenshots! Homepage.
Budget (carbonized) (1.2 MB)
If you are running on MacOS 8.1 or later, install this extension, and you will be able to run many software that is already carbonized. More information is available here.
CarbonLib 1.0.4 (1.4 MB)
Guitar Tab
GuitarTab is a guitar tabulature program for the macintosh, by Greg Clayton, which allows easy entering and playback of guitar tabulature. Screenshot. Version 1.0 is emailware (or freeware). This is a well-designed software with lots of great features. Ps: Future versions might not be free. Homepage.
Guitar Tab 1.0 (502 KB)
An internet browser that fits into one floppy disk!! Currently in its preview release. Although the final product will be shareware, the developers said a lite freeware version will still be made available. It is a great browser. Fun and different. Check out the screenshot of the iCab that i am using (changed the icons). There is also an option to filter out banners which can actually increase browsing speed. There are versions for both PPC and 68k Macs. Versions in other languages are also available. Check out the homepage for more details. MacOS X version is available. Check out the screenshot.
iCab (1.4 MB)
An internet relay chat client for MacOS X. More information about this freeware can be located here. Homepage. Japanese version is also available.
IRCStep (700 KB)
Put a clock on your MacOS X menu bar. Read me file.
JetClock 1.5 (70 KB)
MacOSX Amp
Although MacOS X comes with its own neat little MP3 player, this freeware goes beyond that. You can change the appearance of this MP3 player using the many WinAmp skins. Check it out at the homepage.
MacOSX Amp
mpegToaster uses an integrated and highly optimized version of mpg123 to decode mpeg audio files. Playing is done through the CoreAudio interface. Homepage. For MacOS X. There is a faster version for G4 processors available for download from the homepage.
mpegToaster (117 KB)
Napster (previously Macster)
Napster for MacOS. Napster is an Internet client that allows you to search mp3 files other users are sharing, and download them. This is a free preview release that works excellently. Read me file (PPC only, MacOS 8.1 and above). Screenshots of search and result windows, and navigation toolbar. Napster requires the Carbon lib. A carbon application. Homepage.
The purpose of ncftp is to provide a powerful and flexible interface to the Internet standard File Transfer Protocol. It is intended to replace the stock ftp program that comes with the system. Some of the cooler features include progress meters, filename completion, command-line editing, background processing, auto-resume downloads, bookmarking, cached directory listings, host redialing, working with firewalls and proxies, downloading entire directory trees. Homepage. For MacOS X and Darwin OS.
NcFTP (924 KB)
Put a control strip on your MacOS X desktop. Open source movement (v0.2 as of Oct 2000). Check out the homepage for more information. (MacOS X, MacOS 9 with CarbonLib installed)
OpenStrip (1.2 MB)
An interpreted, object-oriented programming language with IDE. More information could be found here. Homepage. Different packages for MacOS X and Darwin OS are available at the homepage. You can read more information about Python from
Python (5 to 7.4 MB)
This is a Slide-Show ScreenSaver for Mac OS X. Select a directory of images and the refresh period and you're done. Homepage. You can download the source code at the homepage.
SlideSaver (53 KB)
StuffIt Expander
The only decompressor that you will ever need (both PPC and 68k). Stuffit Expander updated to 5.5 for those using MacOS9.0. Download page, to get the latest version. The current version for MacOS X requires that you install from MacOS 9.
Download v5.5 (898 K)
Read me file
VideoPoker is a simple poker game for Mac OS X. It follows the rules of Video Poker machines (you can draw 5 cards, Jacks or better are required to win) Homepage. For MacOS X.
VideoPoker (170 KB)
xFiles allows you to change the HFS+ type and creator, filename, Posix owner and group, modification date, and permissions of files you drop on it. It also includes a File List document, for easy preview, editing and modification of files located around your mounted drives. An HFS+ Catalog Search allows you to build File Lists based on several HFS+ criteria. Homepage. For MacOS X.
xFiles (325 KB)

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