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Mac Freeware
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LDapper 1.2.2
LDAP client for finding email addresses, no LDAP support needed in email client (PPC and 68k). Read me file
Download (297 K)
Link Converter
Consists of a set of four AppleScripts that convert single URL Internet Explorer links, Netscape bookmarks, Mac OS 8.5 URL link clippings, and AOL "Favorite Places" links into each other (PPC and 68k)
Download (882 K)
>Read me file
An extremely easy-to-use program that we like to think of as an extra step between receiving a link to check out and finally bookmarking that link Read me file. Screenshot. Visit homepage
LinkPad 1.0 (PPC, 120 KB) 68k (123 KB)
Live Picture Viewer 3.2
Based on the VRML 2.0 specification, and adds an extension to VRML 2.0 for describing photographic panoramic images for backgrounds (PPC only). As an internet browser plug-in or standalone viewer. Visit homepage for more information
Download (1.4 MB)
MacHeadlines Lite 1.8
A free version of MacHeadlines Pro and has all of the features of the Pro version except site/stock additions and ticker preferences. MacHeadlines Lite scans the HTML pages of news, sports, and entertainment sites, extracts the headlines, and delivers them to your desktop via a scrolling, customizable ticker. When a topic piques your interest, click the headline to launch your Web browser and go to the full story on the host site (PPC and 68k, Open Transport required). Read me file (amount of sites available are fixed in this freeware version. Mostly Mac-related sites, and one CNN news site, stock ticker not available here)
Download (391 K)
An IRC client for Mac users. IRC stands for 'Internet Relay Chat'. MacIRC allows you to connect to IRC using your mac and talk to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. On IRC, you are known by your 'nickname' and can talk to people who are in the same "channel" as you (each channel is like a virtual room, and each has its own topic - you can be in more than one at once. Read me file (PPC and 68k). Screenshot. Homepage. 68k users can download here. 68k users without Open Transport available should download this instead. Note: the development for this IRC client has stopped, and the creators are releasing them as freeware.
MacIRC 0.9.6 PPC (220 KB)
A text only internet browser. MacLynx will actually allow you to browse the internet without even using your mouse! Screenshot. Homepage. Postcardware. French version is also available.
MacLynx (1 MB)
A telnet client based on the Better Telnet but with SSH (secure shell) support. Read me file (PPC and 68k versions available). Screenshot. Homepage.
MacSSH 2.0 PPC (1 MB)
MagicCookie Monster
MagicCookie Monster is a free utility that can help you manage your Netscape Navigator or Communicator cookies on your Macintosh computer. Read me file (emailware). Screenshot. Homepage.
MagicCookie Monster 1.0 (0.6 MB)
MindExpander is a compressed file decompressor that works wonderfully. Now update to handle zip files too
Download (303 K)
Mojibake Fixer
An Eudora plug-in to fix emails containing Japanese characters
MSN Messenger 1.0
An alternative messenger to AOL (MacOS 8 and above). If you have problems downloading, please go to this site
Download (761 K)
Usenet news client for Macintosh, Multi-Threaded NewsWatcher. It has a suite of new features that make reading news even faster and easier, including new features for connecting to multiple servers at the same time, posting with different personalities, viewing images inline, and posting binaries. Read me file (PPC only, MacOS8.1 and later). Homepage for latest update and more information.
MT-NewsWatcher 3.0 (1.1 MB)
NCSA Telnet
The ubiquitous telnet client from NCSA. Screenshot. Homepage.
NCSA Telnet 2.7 FAT (112 KB)
The popular internet browser for the Macintosh. A browser, email client, and WYSIWYG web page maker all bundled into one.
Choose the version of choice
A freeware application which will automatically batch download and upload files to servers on the internet or intranet. Read me file. Screenshot (v1.1). Homepage for more information. Last non-beta release is v. 1.1 (3.3 MB).
Networkz 2.0b2 or latest (2.8 MB)
Nifty Telnet
A simple telnet client without the frills but with SSH support. Read me file. Screenshot. Homepage.
Nifty Telnet 1.1 PPC (412 KB)
Outlook Express
An alternate email software from Microsoft Outlook Express 5.0 (12.5 MB) is now available. An emailer with lots of goodies (listed in the read me file) Read me file. Visit this site for more information or to download the latest version. Screenshot of main window.
Download version 4.5 (8.7 MB)
Outlook Express 5.0 (12.5 MB)
Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)
A security software that enables encryption of emails to be sent, reading of encrypted emails received, and secure erasing of your hard disk free space. (5.7 MB)
US and Canada
A multi-capable player for a wide range of different files. Great streaming channels are also available (eg. watch BBC World News live 24 hours daily)
Registration required, please go to this page
Get a free internet phone. Now available for Mac (MacOS8.1 and above). Get more information here. Screenshot of main window. Homepage. As Windows version is also available, you can talk to all your friends.
Really Easy Voice 1.0 (1.2 MB)
RealPlayer G2
An ubiquitous streaming audio and video player, (PPC only, OS 8.1 and later). Registration required, please go to this page (search for older versions here too)
Registration required, please go to this page
An application that allows you to easily delete the MagicCookie and/or Global History (Netscape History) files created by Netscape in the Preferences Folder on your startup disk. Read me file.
ScapeGoat1.3 (58 KB)
Shadow IRC
Another IRC client for Mac users. Read me file (FAT, both PPC and 68k). Previously shareware, it has been rereleased as freeware. The latest beta version 1.1b1 is also available (released as open source). Screenshots of IRC servers available, of preferences available, and of the Shadow IRC on startup.
Download page is here (source code, different versions, and also SDKs). Homepage. Plug-ins are available here. More information (help) are available here.
Shadow IRC 1.0.4 (429 KB)
Shockmachine allows you to save Shockwave and Flash movies. Read me file (require Shockwave Player 8 and later). Navigate in the homepage. Log in required, and free registration for non-members. Note: you will have to log in first, and inside the first page look around for the Shockmachine link. The last time i checked it was at the bottom of the page.
Shockmachine 1.2 (1.5 MB)
Simple URL
Application to keep track of your favorite web sites and email addresses (PPC only). Read me file. Screenshot. Homepage.
Simple URL 1.4 (352 KB)
Stay Online!
To maintain an active connection to the internet even while you are away from your computer or asleep by loading webpages every minute. This is great for any AOL people who might have reason to stay connected overnight or during some other period longer than 45 minutes in which they are away from the computer. Read me file (PPC and 68k). Screenshot. Visit the homepage
Stay Online! 1.1 (710 KB)
A MacOS utility for periodically accepting an image from a camera source, compressing it to a JPEG image, and uploading it to an FTP server, or saving the file locally. The utility is written as a control strip module, so its controls and a tiny preview image are always accessible.Read me file. Homepage.
StripCam 1.0 (77 KB)
A simple program which lets you store links to visit later Read me file. Screenshot. Visit homepage
TMDC WebPad 1.1.1 (925 KB), 1.2 (404 KB, for MacOS 8.5 and above)
A small window to manage your URLs. Homepage.
URL Pad 1.0.1 (411 KB)
WannaBe is text-only browser written to be lean and fast. The aim in writing WannaBe was not to create a full-featured browser. Rather, a browser to read web pages each morning without gobbling up several megabytes of RAM (WannaBe requires 2M) and without wasting time waiting for tables to render. Read me file (PPC and 68k versions available). Screenshot. Homepage.
WannaBe (500 KB)
Webshots Desktop Lite
Webshots Desktop Lite allows you to automatically place an image on your Desktop by selecting from thousands of full-screen color images in categories such as sports, scenics, wildlife, travel, 3D, and more on Webshots. Read me file (PPC only). Screenshot. Homepage.
Webshots Desktop Lite 1.0 (434 KB)
Windows Media Player
Microsoft's answer to Quicktime and RealPlayer. You will need this to view Windows Media content on the internet. Read me file. Screenshot. Download page (in this page, choose Windows Media Player, then choose Macintosh).
Windows Media Player 6.3 (2 MB)
A free NewsWatcher program with many preferences, automatic FAQ retrieval, and hundreds of other small features (Mac0S8.5 and later). Homepage for more information. Visit this page for 68k versions or for MacOS7.1 to 8.1.
YA-NewsWatcher 4.2.6 (1.3 MB)

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