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How to add the Analysis ToolPak in Microsoft Excel?

Do you know that there is an option to add the Analysis ToolPak in Microsoft Excel? This ToolPak has a wide range of statistical tests, and displays the results in an easy to understand format. To check whether you have already installed this ToolPak, check under the menu Tools:

If the last option on the Tools menu is Wizard, you have not installed the ToolPak. On the same Tools menu, select Add-ins..l, and you will be presented with a dialog below:

Tick the Analysis ToolPak option, and click the OK button. You have successfully installed the Analysis ToolPak. To use it, look under the menu Tools which should now look like this:

Select Data Analysis, and you will be presented with a range of Statistical Tests available (see Figure below):

The Analysis ToolPak is easier to use, and it comes bundled in Microsoft Excel but it is not installed by default. I have seen many friends who have Excel but did not know that this ToolPak existed. Below is a screenshot of a sample Regression Analysis that i carried out:

If you have not installed this, see what you have been missing.


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