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About Macfreewares
This is a website where i list freeware for the MacOS. Only freeware shareware, no crippleware, no demos, only free stuff. Maybe one or two postcardware. I would be grateful if you could send me some feedback. Report missing links, or other great freeware, etc. If i have accidentally infringed on anyone's copyright, please inform me, and i will rectify it.Thank you.
This site is regularly updated, and its predecessor was MacFreeBees and and Macfreewares at Xoom.
Macfreewares web site is for informational purposes only. No one associated with Macfreewares assumes any responsibility for its accuracy. The information is subject to change without notice. Any use of, or actions taken based upon, any of the information contained on this web site is done entirely at your own risk. Mention of any products or services is for informational purposes only, and constitutes neither an endorsement nor a recommendation. Macfreewares and those associated with Macfreewares assume no responsibility with regard to the selection, performance, or use of these products. Apple, Apple Logos, Macintosh, and Mac OS Logos are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. All other trademarks mentioned belong to their respective owners.


21st September 2000:
Memorable anniversary gifts
After the first anniversary of Macfreewares, i was surprised to find an article on Macfreewares on Applelinks. Also found a short URL link to Macfreewares at LowEndMac. Best presents ever! Thank you very much, Applelinks and LowEndMac.

A short note: there was a small resuffle done to Macfreewares. As undergoes weekly maintenance every Saturday nigth, i have set up a mirror site at Macfreebees (just found out the Tripod is offering 50 MB of free server space), and an archive site at The site at will be updated later, but i have yet to determine the role it will take.

Thanks for visiting. If you have any suggestions or comments, you can write to me here.

9th September 2000:
Macfreewares is one year old!!!
Thank you to all my visitors. You have made this one year a good experience for myself. I have gotten more than 3000 accesses per day (after i posted a press release in There was also a moment of glory when Macfreewares was mentioned in the UK MacUser online magazine. Macfreewares also spent a few weeks in the Top 10 rated Mac sites in Macinstein. What a year it has been!

Also many thanks to my sponsor,, who is kind enough to allow macfreewares to use their server space. I have obtained comments that the new site is faster and better. I am glad...

10th August 2000:
And again i moved. From 10th August 2000, it will be My sponsor is now Although Xoom was offering unlimited webspace, there was too much server down time (due to maintenance), and quite a few people complained that it was slower than I hope with this new host, your browsing will be more pleasurable. Thank you for supporting Macfreewares (even if it is misspelled).

3rd May 2000:
I know that some people out there has this perception that you get what you pay (or freeware sucks). In my humble opinion, some freeware is a labour of love (either for programming or for Mac itself), and can be really good. A good measure of how a freeware stacks up would be by running it with MacsBug installed.
Finally, this website is something that i would like to think of as a small contribution to the Mac community. It is a non-commercial site with no banners, no ads, no javascripts to slowdown your browsers. Enjoy! Anyone with any comments could write to me here.

16th March 2000:
Moved again
I took less than 6 months to fill up the allocated free server space (20 MB) at I decided to move the whole site to

10th December 1999:
Just found out from Joe of USA that freeware is uncountable noun. There is no freewareS, only freeware. Although i would not be changing my URL, i will try to be a lot more careful next time. Very sorry!

6th October 1999:
I wasn't getting many hits with Macfreebees, and making all those reviews was really taking a lot of time. Also, i am still running MacOS 8.1, and many new freeware did not run on my Mac. I started because i like the thought of a domain name with macfreewares in it. I also stopped all reviews and used only screenshots and Read me files to give readers a little idea of what they will be downloading. My freeware database was also increasing steadily.

9th September 1999:
In the beginning...Macfreebees
When i first started this, all i wanted to do was to have a place where everyone looking for macfreeware can have a site where they can have a look at the read me file, maybe look at the screenshot of the freeware before downloading them. I hope i have done at least half the job right. With time, i realise that it is impossible for me to post updates of all freeware, if you require constant update notice, please go to


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